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ABC’s of our service:
The Ability to create a Blueprint for your project to Communicate effectively


Package Design

Brown bags are back in! To zip or not to zip lock. Packaging like fashion, changes continuously every time to better attract the consumer. We keep track of packaging trends in the area of colour, style, finishing and new innovations.

Logo & Brand Creation

When we are asked to brand or rebrand a company or product, it is important to be involved with the company culture. We do our due diligence about the clients target market. What nuances, culture and colour do we need to take into consideration during the creation process.

Trade Show Booth

Effectively standing out in a sea of delegates at any convention can be a daunting task. We work with you to create a booth experience that will work to bring prospective clients to you.


Stock photography is great for tight budgets. Our photography services are best when you need to show your actual product. Nothing will ever come close to real thing.

High Definition Plate Imaging

A dot on a page, package or a TV screen is made up of minute square pixels. The higher the pixel count, the more refined the image will be. Digital plate imaging started at 2600 dot per inch (DPI). At SCA we have equipment to image flexographic plates at 4800 DPI. The result on the packages printed with HD plates are brighter, cleaner images. Brighter colour differences on the shelf can make the difference from your product sitting or selling.


Hockley Valley Whole Foods

Package and Logo Design / Rebranding

Integrity Pet products

Package Design

Parks Blueberries

Package and Logo Design / Photography


SCA Unique CANADIAN Packaging design House.

  • Who We are

    For over 30 years, Sam Chung & Associates Inc. has used our expertise in flexible and rigid packaging to help our clients launch, reposition or extend their brands. Our task is to listen, research and provide solutions to help them grow their business.

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    We are strategic thinkers, deep listeners, idea generators, trustworthy collaborators and unflappable problem solvers. We work directly with clients, who require our expertise. Strategic alliances with appropriate partners allow for a wide range of services.

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Our interdisciplinary experts are experienced in envisioning ideas of the future and implementing them into marketable products and packaging design solutions. For the more details please contact to our team!

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We welcome the opportunity to design and develop your next project and would love to hear from you. Please contact us to talk about your next challenge.   Address : 5654 McAdam Rd, Mississauga ON L4Z 1T2    p) 905 568 0818    f) 905 568 0811